Students Board of Governance:

Justin Greer – History Major

Esther Briner – Psychology Major


Board of Referees:

Dr. Lyn Baldwin, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Dr. Tina Block, Associate Professor, History

Dr. Richard Brewster, Professor, Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Kingsley Donkor, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Nancy Flood, Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences

Dr. Avninder Gill, Associate Professor, Management

Dr. Brian Heise, Associate Professor, Natural Resource Sciences

Dr. Terry Kading, Assistant Professor, Political Studies

Dr. Laura Lamb, Associate Professor, Economics

Dr. Ehsan Latif, Associate Professor, Economics

Donald Lawrence, Professor, Visual Arts

Dr. Mairi MacKay, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Dr. Alex Ng, Associate Professor, Finance

Dr. Andrew Parker, Assistant Professor, Computing Science

Ginny Ratsoy, Associate Professor, English

Dr. Peter Tisigaris, Professor, Economics

Dr. Jon Van Hamme, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Dr. Sandra Vermeulen, Associate Professor, Psychology

Dr. Tom Waldichuk, Assistant Professor,  Geography

Dr. Roger Yu, Professor, Mathematics & Statistics



Dr. Mohammad Mahbobi

TRU Provost’s Fellow in Students Retention and Engagement


Technical Supports:

Brian Lamb,  Director, Innovation Open Learning

TRU-URJ acknowledges Alan Levine for establishing the early edition of this website.