Submission Guidelines for Authors

All submissions must adhere to the following Submission Guidelines, prior to submission.

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Submission Types:

Thompson Rivers University Undergraduate Research Journal (TRU-URJ) will accept research papers, scholarly/creative articles across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Business, and Trades programs. All research should be original works, conducted by the student under supervision of a faculty member. The submitted articles must be composed primarily by undergraduate students. Papers can be published after the time of graduation as long as the main part of the research has been done during the time the author(s) registered as undergraduate students.

The Journal provides a publication forum to our primary target TRU students including face-to-face, online, and distance undergraduate students. However, the editorial board may also consider scholarly articles from students of other undergraduate institutions, including students enrolled in TRU offshore programs. As such, all submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions regarding your submission, you may direct your questions to the Journal,


Submissions Guidelines:

Manuscripts must be submitted via the online submission site. You can also paste formatted content into the form (e.g., from MS Word) It is expected that individual presentation of the submission may vary slightly depending on the nature of the research; however, manuscripts submitted to TRU-URJ must adhere to the following guidelines which include:


  • will be a supervised paper, article, essay, or research project that demonstrates scholarship appropriate to the field of study,
  • will be organized/sectioned in a manner that maximizes both the substance and clarity of the document for an interdisciplinary audience,
  • can be under consideration for publication elsewhere, the only exception is that they cannot simultaneously be submitted to or published in any other undergraduate Journal.
  • will be evaluated with respect to originality, academic and practical relevance, thoroughness, accuracy, consistency, credibility. The proper APA Style referencing throughout the paper is also considered.

Layout Requirements:

  • 25 pages maximum
  • Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • Double spaced
  • References to follow APA Style guide, 6th edition, for all submissions regardless of subject-area. This is to facilitate cohesiveness and uniformity throughout our multidisciplinary research journal.

Structure Layout:

Abstract: The abstract (between 100-200 words in length, single -spaced, single paragraph) is a summary of the nature and significance of the topic, the adequacy of the investigative strategy, the nature of the results, and the conclusions.

Introduction: The introduction provides the information needed to understand the rest of the paper. It should inform the reader as to the topic of the paper, its relevance in the field, and to whom the paper would be of interest, in the broadest sense.

Manuscript Body: Organize the body of the paper carefully. Subdivide the body into sections to emphasize both content and clarity. Use headings and subheadings to make the organization clear.

Conclusions: The conclusions section should come at the end of article, before the acknowledgements.

Acknowledgements: Thank the people/organizations who have supported the research and acknowledge funding sources where applicable. The acknowledgements come at the end of an article after the conclusions and before the notes and references. Here you can acknowledge your supervisor (s), any organization(s) supported you financially for this research, other professors, classmates, etc.

Works Cited/Reference List: All resources must be referenced, using APA Style guide, 6th edition citation format. APA style handbooks are available in print and online via the TRU Library.

Tables, Data Figures, and Graphics

  1. Captions of each Table, Graph, or Figure cannot be more than 40 words.
  2. Each caption should begin with “Figure 9” or “Table 12“.
  1. The place of Graphics should be clearly mentioned by adding a text: “Graph#3 goes here”.
  2. All Graphics Tables, and Figures should be added separately at the end of the articles as JPEG, or PNG formats (preferably with high resolution image files, 300 dpi)

Numbers, Units, and Equations

  1. All equations must be insert using Equation option in Word. You can also save each equation as JPEG, or PNG format.
  2. All decimals should look like 0.114 not .114.
  3. All Greek letter variables and units, and statistical variables must be italicized, e.g. n, f, R2, c2, 16.5um, and e.

For more information on how to format your manuscript for submission, please see example submission

Copyright Notice: Authors reserve all rights to their research work. Articles may also be submitted to and published in other Journals only after its publication to TRU-URJ. However, authors will agree not to publish same article in another Undergraduate Journal.

Privacy Notice: Thompson Rivers University Undergraduate Research Journal will use all names and email addresses of all other authors or those contact us exclusively for the purpose of this Journal and will not share with any other institutions.

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